Bizarre image shows horses carrying custom Hummer along Miami streets

December 7, 2023 by No Comments

Miami may be known for its gluttony of luxury cars such as Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and Aston Martin’s. However, yesterday a much more bizarre sight was seen on the streets. Here, two horses were photographed pulling a car through the streets. This looked to be part of a funeral march but to make things unusual, the car looked to be a modified H2 Hummer.

The top of the car had no roof, and the drivers navigated the horses from a high position that was part of the modification. Although it looked to be a part of a funeral, the back of the car also looked too small to be able to physically store a coffin. As a result, this unusual sight brought up more questions than it did answers.


The image was documented on Reddit where users found the image funny and peculiar. Here, one user claimed that it looked straight out of the new Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer that recently dropped (this is because it was set in Miami). Elsewhere, another joked that the Hummer had 2 horsepower.

All jokes aside, it looks like whoever built this did a good custom job. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, the execution has been done well. It also wouldn’t be Miami without a little quirkiness.


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