Michelle Lujan Grisham criticized after taking credit for new water supply in state

December 6, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham was criticized after her comments made on Twitter. Here, she took credit for implementing a new water supply in the state, which she described as groundbreaking. Not only this but she also said ‘I launched (it)’ which understandably rubbed people up the wrong way, considering that it was a tax-funded project.

Specifically, her tweet read: ‘Today, I launched the Strategic Water Supply, a groundbreaking new initiative. A 25M-gallon/day brackish water treatment plant could produce 27,900 acre-feet of potable water a year. That’s 70% of ABQ’s total consumptive use. That’s innovation in action.’

Replying to her, a user named Michael Opbroek said: “$500M of taxpayer money to build a brackish water plant. Will this lower our residential energy costs? It should, we paid for it.”

Similarly, another user named Dan Farris added: “Brackish water purification is not new and there are lots of problems doing it that includes a high level of energy inputs and corrosive nature that is expensive to control. This is not cost-effective, like almost all the climate change items, without huge government money!”

Interestingly, others claimed that this idea was originally proposed by Sheldon Zanetti but never got implemented. Overall, this new project didn’t go down particularly well and showed a degree of cynicism from Lujan Grisham’s constituents.

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