Rogue Coyote seen on I-280 & causes traffic delays

December 5, 2023 by No Comments

A wayward coyote disrupted southbound traffic on Interstate 280 near Mission Bay in San Francisco for over an hour on Thursday morning, prompting a coordinated response from local authorities. It’s fair to say that this is not a typical sight while on your commute.

The animal’s presence was first reported by a motorist at approximately 8:00 AM, who spotted the coyote behind yellow sand barrels near the Fifth and King streets onramp. Animal Care and Control spokesperson Deb Campbell confirmed the sighting and stated that the San Francisco Police Department, California Highway Patrol, and Animal Care and Control collaborated to halt traffic and encourage the coyote to exit the freeway.


Despite their efforts, the coyote was not initially captured. Campbell indicated that the animal appeared unharmed and did not exhibit any signs of limping. The unexpected detour caused traffic to be suspended for approximately an hour.

Campbell emphasized that coyotes are typically shy creatures that prefer to avoid human interaction. However, problems arise when people intentionally feed coyotes, as this can diminish their natural fear of humans and lead to potential conflicts.

Additionally, coyotes may exhibit aggressive behavior when feeling threatened or protecting their young. To minimize the risk of encounters with coyotes, Animal Care and Control advises residents to keep their cats indoors and dogs on leashes when outdoors.

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