Popular St Pete Restaurant closes – But hints at new concept

December 5, 2023 by No Comments

This week, St. Petersburg’s Half Baked Potato announced that it had permanently closed which may have come as a shock to some. This is because the eatery was a popular staple among locals. However, the sign announcing the closure also alluded to a new concept that was coming soon.

In a video made just days before this, the owner went on Instagram to claim that the restaurant was shutting but also said that the new concept would still be located in the same area. At this point, it is not known where the new location will be, when it will open, or what it will involve. However, if it has the creative juices that Half Baked Potato does, then it may be quite popular.

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As seen, the sign on the door read: ‘Half Baked is now permanently closed! Keep an eye on our social media to see our newest concept coming soon.’ The image can be seen below for more detail.


Over the years Half Baked Potato gained a reputation for its baked potatoes, hot dogs, and potato options, including toppings like bacon, chili, cheddar shreds, and diced onions. They also have hot dogs with toppings like pickle spears, sliced tomato, neon relish, and sport peppers.

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