Kevin Stitt criticized after questioning the USA’s masculinity crisis

December 5, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt weighed in on the USA’s current masculinity crisis. Speaking on Twitter, the governor wrote: ‘Military recruitment is in free fall, the male labor participation rate is declining, men are taking their own lives at alarming rates, and violent crime is spiking in the US. The question we’re left asking: where are America’s fathers?’

This passionate speech gained hundreds of replies but it’s also fair to say that not everyone bought into it. In fact, some also turned his own rhetoric against him and applied his logic to Oklahoma. When looking closer to home, it looked as though not everything was perfect.

Replying to his statement, one user named Charlie Fox claimed: “Oklahoma has high violent crime, high drop out rates, and high child poverty rates. Oklahoma has been blood red ever since I can remember. Perhaps you’re not the best person to be giving advice on families.”

Elsewhere, another user added: “Well as a top ten state for divorce and child support dependence, 1st in DV. You should ask yourself this questionMilitary recruitment is an entirely different ball game. Especially when Republicans, like you, refuse to take care of Vets. You personally sold off their home”

It looks like for Stitt, it may be a case of people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

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