John Bel Edwards blasted over Louisiana economy claims

December 5, 2023 by No Comments

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards may be leaving the office soon but this will not be without controversy. The governor recently took to his personal Twitter account to boast about the state’s economy and cash surpluses. However, this did not please everyone with some claiming that it was not necessarily a good thing.

Here, he wrote: ‘Responsible budgeting, consistent surpluses, and a growing economy means Louisiana has a record-high balance in its savings accounts as Gov. Edwards leaves office.’ The was accompanied by an infographic that said ‘More than $3 billion in State Savings Accounts.’

Although Edwards has generally been looked upon favorably at times during his run, it hasn’t been perfect or without criticism.

Replying to this, one user named Peter Pettifogger claimed: “No one buys this #lagov revisionist history you’re trying to write. Step 1) Claim $2 billion fiscal cliff. Step 2) Raises taxes. Step 3) Take credit for $3 billion surplus. Meanwhile, infant mortality (terrible), Ronald Greene coverup (terrible), DCFS mismanagement (terrible), pandemic school closures (terrible). You will be remembered as a failure.”

Similarly, a user named Joseph added: “That means you are collecting too much tax!! Nowhere does it say the government can tax the hell out of its citizens so they can build a big savings account! While hard working people live paycheck to paycheck!”

Unfortunately for Edwards, it looks as though his reign may not be as ideal as he would like people to remember it by.

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