Bleu Door Bakery gets windows smashed twice in one week

December 5, 2023 by No Comments

One of Vancouver, Washington’s most beloved bakeries has gone through a very rough week. Not once but twice, Bleu Door Bakery’s windows have been smashed across the span of just five days. These crimes were documented on their Instagram page.

The first time happened five days ago when their front door was smashed, while a side window was smashed last night. It is possible that the front door was damaged in an attempt to enter the property in order to burglarize the place. Although the front door damage may have been used to enter the property, it looks as though the second window was damaged by a rock as an act of vandalism.

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It’s not just Bleu Door who have experienced this either. Responding in the comments section of the post, a downtown Starbucks worker also confirmed that the same had also happened to their building during the week.

Sadly, Bleu Door confirmed that their CCTV did not capture any footage of the criminal which means this crime is likely to stay unsolved. Unfortunately, this pattern has seemed to become more common for Vancouver businesses of all sizes over the past year and Washington in general seems to be struggling with crimes against businesses of all sizes. To their credit, after both instances, Bleu Door have continued to operate as usual, which shows their spirits remain high.

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