New Restaurant to open in Jersey City

December 4, 2023 by No Comments

A new restaurant is set to open in Jersey Cty. This is located on the corner where Paparazzi Pizza used to be located and is named La Brujeria. It should be noted that this is not to be confused with the established Mexican restaurant of the same name that has operated in Jersey City for a number of years. Having said this, based on the name you would assume it will serve Mexican cuisine and this could be from the owners of the original joint. If so, there is also a possibility that this could also be open 24/7. At this point however, this information has not been disclosed.

Aside from this, there is little else in terms of information. However, according to the person who photographed the restaurant, it will also feature another restaurant inside the same venue. On the other side of the sign, it says ‘Bobby’s Burgers’ which means that this place will also serve burgers.

News of the restaurant was first shared on Reddit by a Jersey City local who happened to photograph the venue. Making an assumption, you would think the grand opening wouldn’t be far away due to the signage. However, unfortunately we cannot see inside and it may need more refurbishments.

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