Huge military jet seen in Sunnyvale skies

December 4, 2023 by No Comments

Over the weekend, Sunnyvale residents were treated to a rare sighting of a huge military airplane. To be precise, this was a C-5M Super Galaxy plane which is a US military staple. The news of this colossal plane was first documented on Reddit by a plane fanatic.

It is believed that the plane was in the area for military drills and training which is pretty standard. Despite this, actually seeing these in the wild can be quite a rarity and require a degree of chance and luck to come across. Here, the plane could have been using the Moffett Federal Airfield which is located nearby.


The C-5M Super Galaxy is a military transport aircraft developed by Lockheed Martin for the United States Air Force. It’s an upgraded version of the C-5 Galaxy, which was originally introduced in the 1970s. The C-5M Super Galaxy features several improvements over the original C-5, including more powerful engines, a new avionics suite, and upgraded landing gear.

It’s used to transport troops, equipment, and supplies all over the world, and it’s capable of transporting large and heavy loads, including tanks, helicopters, and even other aircraft. Each C-5M costs around $250 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive military aircraft in the world.

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