Thurston McDonald’s branch bans students from eating on its property

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend, a sign inside the Thurston McDonald’s restaurant has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Attached to the counter, it reads: ‘Attention students. All orders for students shall be placed as a to-go order. Students are not allowed to consume food and loiter on the property for any reason. Management.’

Bizarrely, it is not known why students were targeted but the image below wound up on the Eugene subreddit. Here, it gained quite a lot of attention as over 120 users gave their thoughts on the policy.


Here, some debated as to whether this was even legal. However, one user claimed it was and said: “Right to refuse service. ‘Student’ isn’t a protected class of people. As far as I know, restaurants just can’t refuse service based on race, color, religion, or national origin. People acting a fool are fair game (which is almost undoubtedly why this is their policy to begin with).”

According to one customer who frequented the establishment, the issue was that large swathes of students would use the venue to gather for hours as a meeting place, long beyond having finished eating their food. Because of this, the sign may not be as controversial as it first looks.


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