Rare image emerges of Knoxville Jester – Do you know this bizarre character?

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

If you’ve lived in Knoxville for long enough then the chances are you’ll have seen (or definitely heard) of the Knoxville Jester. This is a person who has been randomly sighted for decades around the city. Here, the Jester is known to skip playfully but there is not much information on why this is, or the origins of their character.

Because of this, the Knoxville Jester has often been the source of speculation with online rumors rife about their quirky ways. Some claim that it is a mentally ill person, while others aren’t sure. Regardless of this, the Jester is known to be a nice enough person and is not aggressive if approached.

Yesterday, a Reddit user went as far as to upload photos of the Jester, which look like they date back to tens of years ago. This is because the quality of the photos look old and low-quality compared to modern technology. Here, the user simply stated: ‘For the people who have never seen the Knox Jester, I have photos.’


According to folklore, the Knoxville Jester is a man who often uses a black and white costume and frequents Western Ave and Middlebrook. The Jester has also been known to dance in the rain which shows a strong degree of commitment. Nonetheless, this remains a rare, modern-day local story that throws up more questions than answers.

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