Jersey City bagel store to re-open as a cafe just months after opening

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

Back in late May, a new bagel shop opened in Jersey City. Located inside the historic (and beautiful) 301 Grove Street building, this had all the hallmarks to be a success. Here, it offered an array of different bagel styles, including gluten-free and vegan options as well. However, it’s been a fairly odd few months since then, and although the reviews haven’t been awful, they haven’t been great either.

Now, under 8 months later it looks as though City Bagel will be transforming into a cafe. This was noted by a local Jersey City resident who happened to pass by the venue and take a photograph of the change. Here, a banner outside the venue reads: ‘Coming soon. Bread Stone Cafe. December 10.’


Aside from this, there is little other information surrounding the change of guard. This isn’t helped by City Bagel’s lack of online presence. Having said this, the same person also claimed that it would be owned by the current owners of City Bagel. According to this person, City Bagel is owned by a local couple that owns an insurance company.

This news was originally posted on Reddit where users chimed in with their thoughts. One even went as far as to say that the venue was cursed due to having a number of previous unsuccessful businesses pass through.

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