Incredible Vancouver mansion goes up for sale – And you’d never know it’s there

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

Located in the prestigious SE Riverwood Lane, this is one of Vancouver’s (WA’s) most expensive and desirable properties in the city. Due to the location of the house, you could easily miss it. This is because it is located deep among a home of large trees which are based on a 4.15 acre lot. Furthermore, it’s also located on the Columbia River which is even better if you’re a boating fan.

Based on this, it is an introvert’s paradise. The property is also rather sizeable, as it includes 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 8,953 sqft of living space. This isn’t cheap though, and is listed on Zillow for a whopping $6,500,000.


As well as the aforementioned, this also comes with a large swimming pool, jacuzzi, gourmet kitchen, hot tub, games room, wine cellar, and guest house. This guesthouse has a kitchen, bathroom, and living area as well as parking spaces.


As seen, the interior is stunning and there’s not much where this house fails to hit the mark. Irrespective of this, it will be interesting to see when this property actually sells based on its very high asking price. Nonetheless, whoever ends up buying this can count themselves a very lucky person.

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