Good fun or a recipe for disaster? As Portland Axe Throwing venue applies for liquor license

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

A Portland axe-throwing venue has recently applied for a liquor license which could be a stroke of genius or a recipe for disaster. On the one hand, this could lead to great fun and bring in more revenue. On the other hand, it doesn’t sound very responsible to have people drinking alcohol while throwing sharp axes at targets.

News of the application was first noted on Reddit which read: ‘Notification – New liquor license application. The entity below has applied for a liquor license in your neighborhood. Detailed information about this application can be found at Portland Axe Throwing – 5901 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206.’


News of the development was shared on Reddit which had arguments for either side. Overall, many were in favor of the addition of alcohol. However, one user sarcastically argued: “Yeah, even if the axes are dull, they’re being thrown with significant force. Add in drunkenness inhibiting one’s aim and you’re in for a great time.”

Based on this, it will be interesting to see whether this liquor license is granted or not. Ultimately, it may be decided by the local neighborhood and their own take on things. Depending on your personal view, it could be potentially great news or lead to completely abandoning the venue altogether.

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