Beloved eatery could survive after possible local investment

December 3, 2023 by No Comments

The HoneyHole, a cherished E Pike sandwich establishment, is set to embark on a path to recovery under the stewardship of seasoned hospitality veterans, Travis and Carrie Rosenthal. With their extensive expertise in the Seattle food and beverage scene, the Rosenthals, through their Pike Street Restaurant Group, are poised to breathe new life into the HoneyHole.

News of the impending takeover surfaced through a recently filed licensing application, indicating that the Rosenthals are taking over the reins of the HoneyHole’s 700-block E Pike location. The HoneyHole is renowned for its simple yet satisfying creations, including the tri-tip beef-packed “The Gooch,” the veggie and cheese-stacked “El Guapo,” and the delectable “The Corleone” featuring house-cured pastrami.

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With their deep-rooted experience in Seattle hospitality and hospitality-related real estate, the Rosenthals possess the necessary acumen to steer the HoneyHole back to its former glory. The task at hand will undoubtedly be challenging, requiring the restoration and modernization of the establishment’s infrastructure, which has suffered from recent management disarray. Additionally, regaining the trust of customers is paramount, as the HoneyHole’s quality had taken a significant dip in recent times.

Moreover, the Rosenthals will need to address the concerns of former HoneyHole employees, who have endured management issues and reportedly faced missed paychecks as the sandwich shop struggled to stay afloat.

Despite these hurdles, the Rosenthals’ expertise and commitment to excellence inspire optimism for the HoneyHole’s future. The Rumba restaurant and bar family, under their leadership, has consistently delivered exceptional dining experiences, extending their reach with the opening of Inside Passage, a tropical-themed sibling of Rumba. With their proven track record and passion for the industry, the Rosenthals are poised to guide the HoneyHole towards a brighter future.

Stay tuned for updates as the HoneyHole embarks on this exciting new chapter under the Rosenthals’ leadership.


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