St Louis County Gets Ready For Huge Mexican Grocery Store

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

Locals are particularly excited about the possibility of the weekend taco stand that the store famously runs at its other locations.

For a quarter of a century, the store has been a staple on St. Charles Rock Road, and it now intends to relocate across the street into the formerly unoccupied space of the old Sports Authority store. This move will significantly increase El Morelia’s footprint to 42,000 square feet, quadrupling its current size to better accommodate its expanding stock and the growing Hispanic population in the region.

Image // El Morelia Facebook

Store manager Salvador Rico Flores anticipates that the larger space will allow for a broader range of products, an enhanced bakery with fresh tortillas, and a larger taco restaurant. This expansion could potentially increase the workforce from the current seven or eight employees to two or three times that number. This ambitious relocation represents more than just an upgrade for El Morelia; it’s also generating buzz in the community. Expected to be finalized by July following an eight-month building phase, this expansion is a clear indicator of the market’s growth and the owning family’s commitment to serving their varied clientele.

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