Only True Indianapolis Locals Know What This Bridge Structure Is Used For

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

If you’re not from Indianapolis then you may have wondered just why there is a large bridge structure above the roads. At first glance, you would expect this to be a road itself, or at least some kind of light rail system, but in fact, it is neither of these.

The structure is owned and maintained by IU Health (Indiana University Health) a not-for-profit healthcare system based in Indiana, USA, with a network of hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers.

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Here are the actual uses of the strange bridge:

  1. People Mover: IU Health operated a people mover, also known as a “hospital tram” or “automated guideway transit system,” to connect different parts of its medical campus. These people movers are essentially small automated train-like systems that transport patients, visitors, and staff between various buildings and facilities within the healthcare complex. They were designed to improve accessibility and reduce travel times for individuals moving within the hospital campus, especially in large medical centers with multiple buildings. They are no longer used due to ongoing costs.
  2. Vacuum Tube Transport System: A system used for the rapid and efficient transport of various items, including lab samples and documents, within the hospital. In a pneumatic tube system, items are placed in a carrier or container, and air pressure is used to propel the carrier through a network of sealed tubes to its destination. This technology is widely used in healthcare settings to quickly transport specimens from various departments (e.g., the lab, pharmacy) to a central location for processing, testing, or analysis. It helps reduce the time it takes to get results and improve overall efficiency.

The implementation of these technologies, such as people movers and pneumatic tube transport systems, is common in large, modern healthcare institutions like IU Health. They aim to enhance patient care, reduce transit times, and optimize the flow of information and materials within the hospital environment. These technologies contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery within such complex medical campuses.

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