Locals Delighted As New Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant Set To Open In Louisville

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

CM Chicken, also known as Choong Man Chicken, is a Korean fried chicken chain known for its ultra-crispy and addictively good chicken. Residents of Louisville will be pleased to know that the chain is expanding and plans to open a restaurant at 2221 Frankfort Ave which was formerly a location of the Comfy Cow ice cream parlour.

This strategic location is opposite Miki’s Karaoke Bar.

Their menu is set to include a variety of flavors such as Snow, Tikku, Green Onion, Original Fried, Seasoned, and Tikku Fried Gizzard.

Image // CMChicken

The chain emphasizes using never-frozen raw chickens to maintain the freshness of their food. They also marinate their chicken in a secret sauce for 24 hours to ensure softness and chewiness without any bad odor. Additionally, they specialize in the “Tikku recipe,” which involves charcoal broiling of fried chicken with their signature sauce.

CM Chicken originated in South Korea and has since expanded to several states in the United States, including Kentucky, New York, and Florida. The chain has locations all over the country, and their chicken is known for being double-fried, crispy, and juicy. Beyond fried chicken, some locations are branching out into other Korean dishes like beef bulgogi.

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