Kim Reynolds bashed after meeting with Chuck Grassley

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

This week saw Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds meet with Senator Chuck Grassley. Speaking on her Twitter account, Reynolds wrote: ‘Always appreciate meeting with @ChuckGrassley! Keep up the fight Senator!’ This was captioned by a photograph of the two during said meeting. The full tweet can be seen below in more detail.

Despite being popular in certain circles, Grassley also has his fair share of critics. As the same could be said for Reynolds, it’s not too surprising that this meeting drew controversy. Unfortunately for Reynolds, it wasn’t just Democrats to criticized Reynolds either. Here, a number of Trump supporters calling her RINO, as well as questioning her political allegiances.

Replying rather crudely, one user named Slyvia wrote: “The most hated people in all of Iowa in a room together. Just add @SteveKingIA and you’d be a max capacity.”

Elsewhere, another constituent said: “Read the room, Kim. Ron is not the guy. Just because he is of the VP spot doesn’t mean you have to support/endorse him. Iowa is obviously trump territory. Was a huge supporter of you, this was a bad call on your part.”

Sadly for Reynolds, this photo didn’t down particularly well wth anyone and makes you question why she decided to share it in the first place.


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