Karaoke Bar & Grill In Kansas City Finally Set To Close After 34 Years

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

The beloved cult-status Red Balloon Bar & Grill is set to close down this month on 16th December after 34 years of great memories.

Kansas City locals will have fond memories of the cash-only bar & grill which had karaoke every night of the week from 8 pm until 1:30 AM which is when the restaurant closed. The crazy schedule of Red Ballon has finally come to a close and will no longer exist after its final day which will host the Ugly Sweater Harvester’s Food Drive Party and Benefit.

Image // Reddit

This is a pity for the Shawnee area as the Red Balloon was a real dive bar with great character and was a far cry away from a corporate chain bar. Also, the fact that pool games were priced at just 75 cents was a real throwback to a 1990’s price. It’s extremely unusual to find anything in the entire country priced at under a dollar.

Furthermore, The Red Balloon had a great atmosphere and very friendly staff, so it is a real shame to see this long-standing business go away.

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