Jacksonville Residents To Be Affected By New Phone Area Code Early Next Year

December 2, 2023 by No Comments

The Florida Public Service Commission has approved the inclusion of the new 324 area code within the geographical area currently served by the 904 area code.

Starting from January 29, 2024, it will be mandatory to include the area code when dialing all calls, even those within the same area code. If you neglect to dial the area code along with the telephone number after this date, your calls will not be connected, and you will receive a message instructing you to disconnect and redial, which includes inputting the area code.

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Interestingly, this marks the second instance in approximately 30 years where such a change has occurred. In the 1990s, certain portions of the 352 area code were integrated into the 904 area code because of the same issue of “exhausted” phone numbers.

Public service commissions create new area codes for phones primarily to ensure a sufficient supply of phone numbers for a given geographical region. The main reasons for creating new area codes include:

  1. Exhaustion of Available Numbers: The most common reason is the exhaustion of available phone numbers within an existing area code. As more and more devices and phone lines are added, the pool of available phone numbers within a specific area code can get depleted.
  2. Population Growth: Rapid population growth and increased demand for phone lines and mobile devices can quickly deplete the available phone numbers in an area. New area codes help accommodate the growing population and the need for new phone services.
  3. New Technologies: Advancements in technology, such as the proliferation of cell phones, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and other telecommunications services, can result in a higher demand for phone numbers.
  4. Efficient Number Allocation: Creating new area codes allows for the efficient allocation of phone numbers, ensuring that they are available for future use without overlapping or causing confusion with existing numbers.
  5. Geographic Expansion: When a region’s boundaries expand, such as through urban sprawl or the annexation of new areas, it may be necessary to introduce new area codes to cover the extended geographical area.
  6. Number Conservation: To conserve existing area codes, new ones may be introduced rather than breaking down existing ones into smaller portions. This helps maintain the integrity of existing phone numbers and reduces the need for consumers to change their phone numbers.

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