Roy Cooper criticized over Medicaid expansion

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper was yesterday criticized over his comments regarding the expansion of Medicaid in his state. Here, he took to his Twitter account to write: ‘Friday will be a historic day for North Carolina, with thousands of people across our state gaining access to critical health care. Medicaid Expansion will boost our economy, help keep rural hospital doors open, and make our state a healthier place for all.’

Naturally, Medicaid can be a controversial discussion which meant many North Carolinans decided to respond to Cooper and make their voices heard.

Here, one user named Gus said: “Boost our economy,” you say? How so? By taxing the productive and spending the money on the addicted, the lazy, and the illegal?”

Another user named Nathan Levy shared this viewpoint and added: “There is no logical scenario in which Medicaid expansion boosts the economy. It has not happened in any other state when Medicaid was expanded and it won’t happen here because government is the most inefficient and parasitic economic actor. Every word you utter is a blatant lie.”

Despite Cooper’s initial optimism, there is clearly a number of those in the state who aren’t happy with Medicaid. Regardless of their opinions, it looks like this one is expanding anyway.

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