New Dog Bar to open ‘soon’ in Huntsville

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, a Huntsville resident happened to photograph a banner on the side of a building that read ‘Rocket City Dog Bar – coming soon.’ This was accompanied by an image of a dog with a rocket in its mouth. According to the photographer, the location for this venue was at the Salty Nut location. They also went on to clarify that this was at Salty Nut’s latest venue before it closed, as opposed to its earlier location.

The news was first shared on Reddit which prompted the owner of the new establishment to give more information on the subject. Here, they claimed that there was no opening date yet but claimed they were ‘close‘ due to final renovations and working with the city.

The owner then went on to clarify what the project was in more detail, for those unaware of what a dog bar involves. They wrote: “The taproom will remain just that. We’ve given it a little bit of a glow-up, but otherwise, it’ll be just like Salty Nut was where you can just go in and grab a beer. The backyard has been reconfigured to be a safe place for dogs. We have an on-leash and off-leash area with double gates and even a “safe space” for overstimulated or nervous pups. We’re also working to convert the warehouse (previously used for brewing) into an additional on-leash indoor area. That’ll take a little bit more time though.”

With this said, it will be interesting to see whether this venue can perform better than Salty Nut and whether Huntsville is ready for a dog bar.

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