Jared Polis criticized after introducing law to reduce property taxes

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

Recently, a boasting Jared Polis took to his Twitter account to announce that he would be reducing property taxes in Colorado. Specifically, he wrote: ‘I just signed a law to reduce property taxes. Ask your local elected officials to do the same.’ Although this was a very short statement, it garnered quite a reaction with hundreds of replies. Unfortunately for Polis, the bulk of these were against his latest policy.

This came just days after Colorado voted against introducing property tax cuts which is why it created a lot of anger. As you may have figured, a lot of his constituents made their voices heard and weren’t shy to let him know their thoughts.

Replying to him, one user named Nathaniel Lawrence said: “We said No to HH and then you spat on our faces by signing the Far-Leftist legislature’s mockery of a bill. You should be horrified but instead you are gloating.”

Similarly, another user named Bill added: “But the way you got that is by taking people’s TABOR refunds and transferring it to property owners. There are renters in this state that are dependent on these refunds. But you decided to give a massive wealth transfer to property owners.”

Despite Polis being a Democrat, there clearly wasn’t much democratic about this and it’s no surprise why people were angered by his actions. Sadly for him, these were just a small amount of tweets aimed in his direction.

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