Iconic LA Theater gives re-opening date – But cinema lovers will be in for a long wait

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

The much-anticipated reopening of the Cinerama Dome and adjacent former Arclight Cinemas has been pushed back to Q2 2025. The delay is primarily due to the ongoing redesign of the space, which will include the addition of restaurants and event spaces.

Since the Cinerama Dome and Arclight Cinema shuttered in 2021, distributors of arthouse films have lamented the loss of these iconic Los Angeles venues. The closure of The Landmark on Pico Boulevard in May 2022 further exacerbated the situation. Despite the shift of some arthouse business to AMC’s Burbank and Century City locations, the loss of these historic theaters has left a significant void in the city’s cinematic landscape.

The Cinerama Dome closed its doors in April 2021 as its parent company, Pacific Theatres Exhibition, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy led to the acquisition of several prime Arclight locations by various rivals, including Amazon, Regal, and AMC.

The Cinerama Dome, however, was not included in the bankruptcy proceedings and remains under the ownership of Decurion, the former parent company of Arclight, which is controlled by the Forman family. The venue was originally developed by William R. Forman and opened in November 1963.

The Cinerama Dome is renowned for housing the largest contoured motion picture screen in the world, measuring 32 feet high and 86 feet wide. The concrete geodesic dome comprises 316 individual hexagonal and pentagonal shapes in 16 different sizes, with each piece weighing approximately 7,500 pounds.

The Cinerama Dome’s reopening in Q2 2025 is eagerly awaited by film enthusiasts and Los Angeles residents alike. The iconic theater’s return is expected to revitalize the city’s arthouse film scene and provide a much-needed cultural hub for the community.

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