Family owned wine business devastated after 5,000-gallon wine tank destroyed by vandal

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

Last night, a family-owned wine business in Woodinville was targeted by a masked vandal. CCTV footage showed the culprit approach shortly before 10:37 PM wearing a coat, scarf, face mask, and fedora hat to protect their identity. The culprit then slashed a 5,000-gallon tank of Sauvignon Blanc wine. This took place at Sparkman Cellars, which has been a Seattle business for years.

Currently, the delinquent has not been found, nor is there a plausible motive for the destruction of the wine tank. This makes the crime even more nonsensical and callous. Having said this, some are claiming the culprit was a woman which could be the case as this looks likely from their physique captured on camera.

The footage was originally uploaded by local journalist Jake Whittenberg on Twitter. According to calculations, 5,000 gallons of wine equals roughly 25,000 bottles of 750 ml wine. As you can imagine, the business was unsurprisingly devastated by this which would also reflect a huge loss in potential income as well as a large logistical headache.

With the holiday season just starting to take shape, this shows that this time of year can be incredibly stressful and some people simply don’t care about how their actions affect others. This took place one year before the 20th anniversary of Sparkman Cellars.


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