Eerie UFO Cloud Formation appears in San Francisco skies

December 1, 2023 by No Comments

This week, the United States has been experiencing a series of unusual weather phenomena, and San Francisco has not been immune to these strange occurrences. A photograph captured yesterday shows an odd cloud formation lingering over the city. The cloud remained stationary for several hours and was observed above the Goldengate Bridge. The individual who took the photo noted its resemblance to a cigar-shaped UFO or alien spaceship.

From a different vantage point, another observer managed to photograph the same cloud, with its distinctive central ‘curve’ still apparent even from a distance.


However, those with a penchant for extraterrestrial activity might be disappointed to learn that this spectacle is not evidence of the paranormal. What they observed is known as a lenticular cloud, which is typically stationary and forms under stable atmospheric conditions, especially around places where the wind encounters certain geographic features.

These clouds are the product of a specific set of atmospheric conditions, including appropriate levels of humidity, wind velocity, and temperature gradients. Therefore, while they are a natural meteorological occurrence, lenticular clouds are quite rare and only form in certain regions around the globe, San Francisco being one of them. Such sightings are fleeting, so those who catch a glimpse of these clouds should savor the moment, as it might be a while before they appear again.

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