Spencer Cox lambasted over Utah Olympics celebrations

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Utah Governor and many more locals celebrated the successful bid to bring the Olympics back to the state in 2034. This won’t be the first time that Utah has hosted an Olympic Games either. Speaking on his Twitter account, a delighted Cox wrote: ‘We did it! The world is coming back to Utah in 2034. So proud of our team and can’t wait to make this the greatest Olympics ever.’

Despite a real sense of optimism, not everyone agreed and many viewed it as a glorified, expensive vanity project. The Tweet gained over 100 replies, creating a very mixed response. Some were very optimistic and excited, whereas others held a more cynical view.

Replying to this, one user named Tracie Halvorsen said: “Does this mean you are definitely destroying our mountains with a Gondola? Taxing the citizens again to make another man rich in order to build it?”

Similarly, another constituent named Jed Wright added: “Yay! A “legal” way to launder money, and bring even MORE people to this overcrowded state! Let’s knock over some historic buildings, to make way for some more single family dwellings! See if we can really ‘ramp’ up the air quality! Bottom gonna fall out way before 2030.”

As is often the case with the Olympics, it can be viewed as a poison chalice. On the one hand, it offers entertainment and optimism, whereas the other hand shows it can be expensive and not worthwhile.


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