Popular Music Bar closes after 8 years – Blaming the controversial Valencia bike lane for dive in customers

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

After eight years of serving up live music and drinks, Amado’s bar and music venue on Valencia Street has closed its doors for good. The bar’s owner, David Quinby, attributed the closure to a number of factors, including declining sales, a devastating flood, and the controversial Valencia center bike lane.

Quinby said that the removal of parking due to the bike lane had a significant impact on his business, reducing sales to 80% of what they were before the lane was installed. He also said that vans loading music equipment would often get ticketed or towed, which discouraged customers from coming.

In addition to the financial challenges, Amado’s also suffered a major setback when a flood destroyed the basement venue on Pride Weekend. The flood caused extensive damage to the piano, lighting system, stairs, and bar, and forced the cancellation of several shows.

Despite the challenges, Quinby said that he was proud of what Amado’s had accomplished over the years. The bar had hosted a wide variety of music events, from Balkan to bolero, and had become a beloved part of the Mission community.

Amado’s will be missed by many, but its legacy will live on in the memories of those who had the pleasure of experiencing its unique atmosphere.

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