Popular Chain Restaurant to open on Las Vegas Strip – But it may be delayed

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

Whataburger, the iconic burger chain known for its signature 5-inch-bun burger, is expanding into its 15th state with the grand opening of a new 24/7 restaurant, as announced in a statement earlier in the year. However, according to a group of internet sleuths, this chain will not open until next year, despite initial claims of a fall opening.

The two-story restaurant will be situated adjacent to Parry’s Pizzeria & Taphouse, another new addition to the area, and will stand proudly beside the Waldorf Astoria hotel. This prime location will make Whataburger easily accessible to residents and visitors alike.

Bearing the brand’s recognizable ‘Flying W’ logo and distinctive white and orange A-frame architecture, the new restaurant will embody the essence of Whataburger while offering a welcoming dining experience.

With its roots in Texas, Whataburger has been serving up delicious burgers and fostering a loyal customer base for over seven decades. The new restaurant will continue this tradition of excellence while also providing job opportunities for individuals in the local community. The brand has plans to hire 210 local employees, contributing to the area’s economic growth and vitality.

Whataburger is best known for its bacon and cheese Whataburger, as well as chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides like fries and onion rings. They also offer breakfast items, like their iconic honey butter chicken biscuit, pancakes, and taquitos, as well as milkshakes.

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