Popular bar lambasted by customer after noticing ‘auto’ gratuity fee on receipt

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

A popular Astoria bar has been criticized recently by a disgruntled customer after discovering a tip was added to their bill without their knowledge. This took place at The Rabbit Hole in Astoria. Here, the bill was originally $10 before a $2 tip was added, as well as a $1.80 gratuity fee at 18%.

The image of this receipt was first shared on Reddit, where users shared their thoughts on the situation. Here, a number of users lambasted the bar for this practice, although others pointed out that it wasn’t illegal. One user even went as far as to say: “I hate when places add a tip automatically and then have then a line for gratuity. They prey on people not to notice that the tip was added automatically. Thus having people tip twice. A lot of bars do this and prey on drunk people.”


Despite this, the bar still remains a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, especially for those looking for a unique and fun night out in NYC. However, this gratuity policy clearly caused quite a stir. Overall, it is not known how long this fee has been in place, but it certainly rubbed up a number of customers the wrong way and was not a good example of public relations.


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