Jacksonville Mansion listed for sale – And it has the best swimming pool in the city

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

While swimming pools aren’t too uncommon in Jacksonville, this one takes some beating. Located toward the back of the property, this swimming pool is a heated saltwater lagoon that also features a jacuzzi, a large fireplace, and a dining area that is covered by windows.

Because of this, it is something truly special. Located at Ramoth Drive, this property also includes 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and 4,743 sqft of living space. As you may expect, a property of this caliber in such a desirable location is not cheap. Listed on Zillow, it is available for $3,900,000 which means if you really want the stunning pool, then you’re going to have to pay.


The fun doesn’t stop there. It also has a home gym, games room, outdoor pond, backyard BBQ area, fire pit, and boat dock with easy access to St. Johns River. Because of this, you will never be bored in this property as it has it all. Intriguingly, it has a nautical theme that is sported throughout, including wooden walls and blue and white colors.


In short, there aren’t too many properties like this in Jacksonville and it is genuinely unique. Irrespective of this, its rather high price tag is also a factor which means this one may sit on the market for some time.

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