Footage shows bizarre moment driver uses wrong lane on I-77

November 30, 2023 by No Comments

Despite being known as The Queen City, a driver caught on camera was seen driving like a court jester. The footage was recorded on a dashcam of a passing car which managed to pick up the bizarre and incredibly dangerous incident. While driving in pitch black at 6.48 AM, a car whizzed past on the I-77 using the wrong lane. In other words, they were literally driving into oncoming traffic.

Luckily for the driver, the roads looked incredibly empty. Nonetheless, this is not recommended for obvious reasons and due to the speed of the car, this could have easily led to a fatality if it went wrong. The fate of the car is not known after the footage stops, nonetheless this is a good example of how not to drive.

The video was shared on a Charlotte subreddit where users responded with a mixture of shock and anger. Here, the person who initially caught the footage wrote: “On my way home from work last night when I saw this. A police cruiser was shadowing in the southbound lane. I checked Mecklenburg county arrests for last night and saw that NCHP brought someone in for DWI about 30 minutes after this happened.”

Based on this, it looks as though things could have ended a lot worse for the dangerous driver and the citizens of Charlotte.

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