Iconic Houston bus station to close tomorrow after 44 years – Here’s what’s happening

November 29, 2023 by No Comments

After serving as a transportation hub for over four decades, the Greyhound bus station in downtown Houston has officially moved to a new location in the city’s southeast region. Although this may merely be a bus station to some, it’s also home to various memories for others who have used the station over th years. The new station, situated at 7000 Harrisburg Blvd., offers convenient access to the Magnolia Park Transit Center and the Metro Green Line light rail.

The relocation comes as the former Greyhound station property, located in Midtown Houston, prepares for redevelopment. The 30,000 square foot site, which went up for sale in January, is surrounded by residential high-rises, multifamily homes, restaurants, and bars, reflecting the area’s rapid growth and transformation. You could argue that this is symbolic of the gentrification going on in the area.

While the Midtown location served as a vital transportation hub for many years, it has also been associated with a rise in crime. Houston Police Department Commander Caroleta Johnson acknowledged the increased crime rates and has implemented measures to enhance police presence in the area.

The move to the new southeast location marks a new chapter for Greyhound bus services in Houston, providing passengers with a modern and accessible facility while allowing for the revitalization of the Midtown neighborhood.


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