Gretchen Whitmer criticized over state infrastructure comments

November 29, 2023 by No Comments

This week, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer claimed to be ‘walking the walk’ when it came to investing in the state. Here, she claimed that her administration was responsible for fixing roads, improving healthcare, and doing the same for education.

This statement was made on her Twitter account which created quite a backlash. Here, over 180 people replied with many of them going against her optimism. Instead, they used the replies section to critique the governor and give their own take on things.

Here, she wrote: ‘When it comes to getting things done like fixing the damn roads, improving access to healthcare, or providing options for quality education, we’re not just talking the talk—we’re walking the walk.’

Replying to this, a user named Tammie Schmidt said: “Why have you not addressed stopping state taxes from pensions that you promised in your campaign?”

Elsewhere, another user added: “No, you’re not. Students are far worse off since you started. There’s more to healthcare than abortion, and the road projects are a mess. You don’t start every single one and make them all last 5x as long as they’re supposed to.”

Although Whitmer was undoubtedly confident in her approach, it looks like many of her constituents weren’t in agreement with her definition of improvement.

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