Greg Gianforte donates salary to charity – But not everyone is buying it

November 29, 2023 by No Comments

Earlier today, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte took to his Twitter account to claim that he would donate his salary to charity. Here, a video showed him handing over a giant cheque for $20,425,00 to a charity called Hope Pregnancy Ministries.

This video was captioned by text that read: ‘During this Christmas season, I continue to keep the commitment I made to donate my salary to nonprofits serving Montanans. Today, I was honored to support Hope Pregnancy Ministries in Kalispell.’

Although those in the video and Gianforte looked happy with his contribution, the comments section accused him of not doing enough as the Montana governor.

Replying to this, one user wrote: “So a multi-millionaire redirects his unneeded government. salary to a non-profit that most taxpayers do not support. You get a tax break from the donation. What about low-income kids who need food/housing? Your salary should be $0/year. @MTDemsDo you ever actually work for MT?”

Similarly, another user had this to say: “This Christmas Season Montanans are losing healthcare and are struggling to pay their increased energy bills and property taxes. The GOP sure is generous. Ho, ho, ho.”

While undoubtedly a generous act, this shows that often, politicians are judged by all of their actions and not just a few incidents in isolation.


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