Popular German Eatery & Brewery to close after 13 years of business

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

Back in July of this year, popular German eatery Biergarten Haus announced that it was temporarily closing, with the idea floated around that it would return in September. Since then, September has been and gone and we’re nearly into December.

Still, Biergarten Haus remains closed. However, a recent development has shown that this is not going to come back. This is because the entire physical contents of the business have been listed at auction. This includes high-end cooking equipment, to chairs, posters, jars, and everything in between.

There may have been an argument that the contents were sold as part of a re-model. Having said this, the fact that catering equipment is being sold makes this look incredibly unlikely. Overall, there are hundreds of items available for the Washington D.C. public to buy.

Currently, it is not known what will happen to the space but due to its location, you would assume that a new occupant would use it as a food or drinks venue. At this moment in time, there has been little communication from Biergarten Haus as this may be a case of the eatery quietly closing for good. This will come as sad news for local fans of German cuisine as it means one less restaurant to taste frankfurters and German ales at.

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