New bar and eatery to open in Sacramento

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

This was previously home to South which was closed last summer. This eatery was known for its southern food but unfortunately, it was not enough to last. The new venue will be called ‘The Coco’ which was mentioned on the note. The full document read: ‘Department of alcoholic beverage control. Public notice of application to sell alcoholic beverages. Application: The Coco LLC. Type of license: 41-on-sale beer and wine eating place.’


After doing some digging, the company is registered locally but has little other information at hand. Sadly, it is not known when the venue will open. Having said this, due to the early days of the project, it looks like it won’t be until next year. This is because much of the venue will need re-modeling and improving before opening.

The photo first appeared on Reddit and was snapped by an eagle-eyed Sacramento local. According to one person in the thread, they claimed: “It appears to be the same people that own the Coconut on T around the corner, so I’m not sure if is an additional restaurant or Coconut on T is moving in this space (the old South space).” However, it should be stressed that this information has not been verified. When more information is released on the project, we shall update this article.

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