Laura Kelly criticized over Medicaid comments

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

Yesterday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly called for an expansion of Medicaid next year. Here, she used the example of a single mother who may not be eligible due to the current framework. Specifically, Kelly wrote: ‘In Kansas, a single mother of two only qualifies for Medicaid if her annual income is below $9,500 — meaning that if she works a full-time, minimum-wage job, she often doesn’t have health insurance. #ksleg, let’s do better for working Kansans and expand Medicaid in 2024.’

Naturally, the discussion of Medicaid was met with criticism from those who opposed it. This statement gained quite a response, with many criticizing the governor for failing to invest in other areas of the Kansas economy.

Interestingly, it looks like Kelly was criticized from either side of the spectrum. Here, one user named Barbara wrote: “Those income rates are way below what they should be to qualify. How about bringing those up to a more realistic level since you shouldn’t have to practically live in the street to qualify. Also, bring up the minimum wage so people aren’t pushed into poverty.”

Another user named Jarad Christian added: “This same issue is a problem for all forms of welfare programs. They punish people for working, when all they really need is a hand for a time while they build themselves up. Helping those who are helping themselves. Why incentivize not working like that?”

Based on this response, it will be interesting to see whether Kelly’s plans are put into action next year, or whether the backlash will prove to be too overwhelming.


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