Kim Reynolds blasted after criticizing Bidenomics

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was recently blasted for criticizing Bidenomics. Reynolds took to her Twitter account to call out the president’s economic policy and claim that it was harmful to Iowans. Specifically, her statement read: ‘Bidenomics is eating into the pockets of Iowans. I’m tired of it. Iowans should keep more of their hard-earned money. And next year, we will provide income tax relief!’ The full tweet can be seen below.

This statement caused quite a stir with a total of 145 replies. It wasn’t just Democrats who criticized her either, interestingly a few Republican constituents also chimed in with their own opinions. Naturally, when it comes to something as broad as Bidenomics, there was always going to be backlash from various parties.

Here, one user named Kim O’Meara used this to lambast the governor, arguing: “Bidenomics isn’t eating into the pockets of Iowans, but your shortsighted economic policies are! Just admit how much $ your absurd/unpopular school voucher program will cost. You care nothing about everyday Iowans. I see why you are the most despised governor in the US.”

Elsewhere, another user named Angela added: “Huh. Bidenomics has lowered the cost of Thanksgiving this year, including getting to it, since gas prices have fallen by about $1.50. Try #Lying about something that isn’t making headlines this week.”

As mentioned, Reynolds got it from all sides, with pro-Trump voters calling her RINO among other names.


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