Huge Eugene mansion slashes $200,000 off the asking price – And you’d never know it’s there

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

After being on the market for 189 days, the owner of this Eugene mansion decided to knock $200,000 off the asking price of this property. As a result, it is now available on Zillow for $2,795,000 which makes it one of the most expensive properties in Eugene. This is for good reason too, seeing as it is massive and hidden away in the hills.

Here, it has some of the best views in Oregon as well as having nature on your doorstep. Located on W 29th Ave, you would never know it’s there if you walked past. This is because it is hidden by a security gate and a number of large trees. This includes 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 14,307 sqft of living space.


In other words, it perfectly blends location with luxury, and even though it was built in 1978 it has aged perfectly. This shows that subtle touches such as the dropped lounging area really add to the feel of the house. One reason for this is that it was refurbished just 4 years ago.


Due to the sheer size of the house, this means that many of the rooms are huge, and combined with panoramic views of nature, this ticks all of the boxes. It also comes with an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, home gym, outdoor dining area, large balconies, and lots of space for other exciting activities. Overall, it will be interesting to see how quickly it sells considering this and the fact of its recent price cut.


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