Beloved Brewery to close on Saturday after 9 years of business

November 28, 2023 by No Comments

Oklahoma City’s Restaurant and Craft Beer Scenes Face a Dual Loss with Oak & Ore’s Closure. The Oklahoma City dining landscape has witnessed an unfortunate trend of restaurant and brewery closures in recent times. The latest casualty, however, marks a significant blow to both sectors simultaneously.

Oak & Ore, a beloved gastropub nestled in the Plaza District, announced its impending closure on Facebook and Instagram, setting December 2 as its final night of service. For nine years, Oak & Ore had been a cherished haven for craft beer enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

Speaking on Instagram, the taproom wrote: ‘For 9 years we have strived to serve the best beer available in Oklahoma the way the brewer intended. It has come with many proud moments including the founding of the Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit, celebrating the legalization of brewery taprooms, countless tap takeovers and tastings, and much more.’

A pioneer in showcasing local brews before they established their own taprooms, Oak & Ore also played a pivotal role in founding the state’s annual Craft Brew Summit. The news of their closure sparked a wave of heartfelt comments and reactions from patrons and fellow breweries across the city and beyond.

The loss of Oak & Ore will undoubtedly leave a void in both the restaurant and craft beer scenes in Oklahoma City. Its legacy of fostering a vibrant community and promoting local talent will be deeply missed.

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