Tony Evers challenged after claiming Republicans are holding back economy

November 27, 2023 by No Comments

Today, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers was challenged after making a very public attack on the Republican party. Here, the Wisconsin governor took to his Twitter account to claim that Republicans were holding back the growth of high-speed internet due to a lack of funding. Despite his impassioned plea, many used the replies section to criticize Evers on his remarks.

Originally, Evers tweeted: ‘Republicans are holding our state and our economy back by refusing to invest in expanding high-speed internet to every Wisconsin home, farm, and business. Closing the digital divide in Wisconsin has to be a priority.’

Responding, many claimed Evers was out of touch due to his age and pointed toward Starlink as a feasible solution. Here, one user added: “People can buy their own Starlink Dish. This is like arguing the state should buy people DirectTV because you think it’s important they watch MSNBC or something.”

Elsewhere, another user quipped: “And of course the taxpayers should fund the infrastructure so the providers can get rich off of it. How about no.”

What started out as a dig against the Republican party clearly backfired. Here, many claimed he was out of touch with modern technology, and the funding for this project could have been very expensive.

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