Tim Walz criticized over small business comments

November 27, 2023 by No Comments

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was recently criticized over his comments regarding state investments in small businesses. According to Walz, Minnesota would invest $10 million into small businesses. Despite playing this off as a positive, the Twitter post actually received a lot of backlash. Here, it garnered 200 comments with many of them using the replies section to criticize the governor.

Walz’s Tweet read: ‘One of the biggest challenges small business owners face is access to capital, which is why we launched a new $10 million program to support small businesses. We’ll keep building on Minnesota’s success by investing in the small businesses who made it strong in the first place.’

Replying to this, one user named Jim said: “$10 million out of a $7.5 billion surplus…so big of you. Bribing business owners with a pittance of their taxpayers is not the win you think it is.”

However, one user went even further and claimed: “He’s not giving anyone his money. He’s handing out YOUR money, your mother’s taxes on her social security, the income taxes on a single mother’s wages. He and his goons will have to launder a significant amount first through “administrative costs” and “vendors”.Small businesses cannot survive because MN legislation is hostile to small businesses. Take your boot off our necks and we won’t need “help” from the government.”

Sadly for Walz, there were many other comments of a similar nature.

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