This popular Asian Restaurant is listed as temporarily closed – According to one resident, it will never re-open

November 27, 2023 by No Comments

Back in early 2023, Char Koon on South Glastonbury closed due to kitchen renovations, with a re-opening date scheduled for later on in the year. According to one local, this was accompanied by a note on the premises from the Glastonbury Health Department which ordered them to close. Since then, months have passed and we’re nearly in 2024.

According to the same resident, the Char Koon signs have since been removed and their website no longer exists. As if this wasn’t ominous enough, they also claimed to have spoken to people working at a coffee shop next door, who claimed it would not be re-opening.

This was first posted on a Connecticut subreddit and is the story of a concerned customer. It should be noted that this is hearsay but at the same time, the tone of the post was not at all gossip-based. If true however, then this will come as bad news as many argue that this was one of the best Asian restaurants in the state which was known for its dumplings.

Sometimes, restaurants do initially close for the short-term before eventually closing for good. While this hasn’t been confirmed yet with Char Koon, the good news is that the Windsor noodle restaurant is still open.

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