Creepy image shows thousands of crows flocking in Downtown Indy

November 27, 2023 by No Comments

An Indianapolis resident recently captured an extraordinary sight on camera – a mass gathering of crows in the darkness. Unlike their usual gatherings of three or four, this gathering consisted of thousands of crows perched on trees, car parks, and buildings. This unusual spectacle was further amplified by the photographer who asked whether this was normal or not.

The image was originally posted to Reddit where the photographer wrote: “There seems to be a lot of crows gathered around downtown. I noticed them a few nights ago with hundreds of them in trees. Tonight they were in trees north of the Murat and in the car park. They are noisy and it feels like being in a Hitchcock movie. Any ideas if this is a normal thing?”


While this phenomenon might seem perplexing, it’s actually a common behavior among crows, often referred to as a murder. Contrary to its ominous name, a murder is a collective noun for a group of crows, and the reasons behind their massive gatherings remain somewhat enigmatic.

Several theories attempt to explain this behavior. Some believe crows gather for safety in numbers, providing protection from predators. Others propose that these gatherings serve as information-sharing hubs, where crows exchange knowledge about food sources or potential threats. And still, some speculate that these gatherings foster social interaction and even playful activities among the crows.

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