Stunning San Diego Mansion listed for sale – But it’s not cheap

November 26, 2023 by No Comments

This is one of San Diego’s best properties and one of the city’s most expensive pads too. Listed on Zillow for $34,750,000, it is based on a 1.53 plot of land which includes an 11,239 sqft home, 5 bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms. As seen, it is perhaps the architectural creativity which really sets this apart and it could easily be described as a modern masterpiece.

From the front, it looks somewhat unambiguous. However, the hind of the house shows a different story. This has a stunning 150-foot lap pool, minimalist decor, and utilizes a lot of large windows. In terms of stunning ocean views and natural light, it really takes advantage of this.


Known as ‘The Treehouse, this includes a private courtyard, home theater, open-plan rooms, landscaped gardens, hot tub, fire pit, sculptures, and wine cellar. Unfortunately, words do not do this place justice. Thankfully, the pictures show just how special it is.


Undeniably, this is one of the nicest-looking properties in the city. It also has plenty of competition too. While the $34,750,000 price tag may be incredibly steep, this is one of those rare occasions where it seems completely justified and whoever buys this can count themselves very lucky. Based on this, it may not be on the market for too long.

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