Popular Charlotte Restaurant closed due to criminal investigation

November 26, 2023 by No Comments

This weekend, customers at Bistro La Bon were shocked when trying to enter the venue. This is because the front door was covered by signs that read: ‘Warning! This area has been identified as potential evidence in an ongoing investigation. Any unauthorized handling, alteration, or tampering with this area is prohibited and could result in both civil and criminal action against the responsible party.’ The sign was posted by a company named Ash Forensics which may be looking for DNA or evidence of criminal activity.


News of the incident was first posted to Reddit by a shocked customer. Here, other users speculated what the incident could involve. One theory was that this could be linked to the small fire that occurred in the venue last month. However, at this point, we should stress that this is merely speculation.

Based on the ambiguous nature of the sign and lack of dialogue from the restaurant, it is unknown how long the investigation will last, meaning this could re-open within a matter of days or even weeks.

This will come as bad news to fans of the eatery which was once voted as Charlotte’s number one brunch spot. The menu features classic brunch dishes like eggs benedict, omelettes, French toast, and pancakes, along with more unique offerings like shrimp and grits, chilaquiles, and crepes.

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