Modern Omaha Mansion drops price by $350,000 – But it’s still worth millions

November 26, 2023 by No Comments

One of Omaha’s most expensive homes has just taken $350,000 off its asking price. Despite this, it is still listed on Zillow for $2,850,000 which shows just how pricey it is. This includes 7,988 sqft of living space, as well as 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

Originally built in 2019, it is also incredibly modern. Having said this, the exterior may not be to everyone’s taste. Here, it uses dark colors and boxes as living spaces. Having said this, the interior is truly fantastic and is where the house truly comes alive.


This property includes two laundry rooms, a gourmet kitchen, a loft room, basement, gym room, 4-car garage, office space, a games room, a large balcony, and a landscaped garden. As seen, the furnishings and features are nothing short of incredible and help set the scene.


Arguably, there aren’t too many modern builds like this in Omaha so it is a complete one-off. This house was custom built so even the neighboring houses are not like this which are far more conventional-looking. While this is undoubtedly a brilliant-looking house inside, its lack of land, exterior, and high price mean that this property may stay on the market for some time before it sells.


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