Katie Hobbs challenged after claiming to invest millions into state careers

November 26, 2023 by No Comments

Recently speaking on her personal Twitter account, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs recently prompted quite a backlash after comments made surrounding the Arizona job market. Here, she wrote: ‘My favorite thing about Arizona: our people. That’s why I’m investing millions to create pathways to good-paying jobs. Arizonans deserve a job as great as they are.’

This rather optimistic statement garnered 195 comments, with many of them critical of the governor. In particular, many didn’t appreciate the wording used by Hobbs which indicated that it was her money to spend, instead of that used by her constituents through taxes.

Replying to this, one user named Merissa Hamilton claimed: “Government doesn’t create jobs. You aren’t investing your money. That money is tax dollars from the people! More government spending = more inflation!”

Another user named Nantan Lupan added: “You’re not investing. Taxpayers are. Get it straight.”

Unfortunately for Hobbs, there were hundreds of comments which followed a similar tone. This shows that the people of Arizona are either tired of their governor, or highly critical of linguistics. It also shows that when politicians use social media, it may help to be more aware when under the public spotlight which can quickly lead to a mass of scrutiny.


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